Dr. Olivia Chubey ND

Dr. Olivia Chubey ND, HBCE
Mississauga: Healthy Body Wellness Group 2155 Leanne Blvd, Mississauga (QEW and Erin Mills Parkway)
647- 219- 6453

I am a Naturopathic doctor*, certified HypnoBirthing Childhood Educator and Birth Doula.

I believe in facilitating the change I want to see in the world, which is to remove the fear quite often associated with the birthing process.  I’m passionate about creating a safe and loving space where parents can confidently make informed decisions that work best for them and their baby in collaboration with medical staff. I have a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from McMaster University. With an active background competing in rhythmic gymnastics, dance and powerlifting, I’ve come to understand the power and importance of the mind and it’s connection to the body.  The value of this connection in healing is what brought me to Naturopathic Medicine, and what has continued to carry me through my other certifications in Doula work and HypnoBirthing.  I have been attending births since 2016 and teaching HypnoBirthing since 2017.  I look forward to supporting you in your birth journey either in group or private classes.

* Your HypnoBirthing Classes may be covered under your benefits plan.
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Tahira Mohammed



Tahira Mohammed

Two locations:

396 Pacific Avenue (Keele St and Dundas St.)

4939 Dundas St. W (Dundas St. and Islington)





Tahira is a certified HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator, Certified HypnoMothering Practitioner, Birth and Postpartum Doula, and Certified Postpartum Professional.  She has over 20 years of study and experience in ayurveda, meditation and mindful breathing, yoga, and whole food nutrition.

Tahira is dedicated to educating, encouraging and empowering women and their partners through the life-transforming stages of becoming a parent.  She is dedicated to supporting you to have an optimal birthing experience for both you and your baby – whatever the circumstance.

HypnoBirthing Classes in:  The Junction / High Park / Etobicoke

Private Classes:  Offered in the comfort of your own home, and at a time convenient to you

Pregnancy, Birth, Postpartum


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Liliana Custodio

Liliana Custodio, MSW, HBCE

Group Classes taught in 2 locations: 

West End Mamas , 2477 Bloor Street West, 2nd floor (Bloor St. and Jane St.)

Uptown Midwives and Family Wellness,  3424 Bathurst Street (Bathurst St. and Lawrence Ave.)

Private classes also offered in the comfort of your home and customized to meet your needs and schedule

Begin your Journey towards a mindful, calm and empowered birth

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HypnoBirthing Toronto childbirth education classes


Congratulations on your pregnancy! As your journey unfolds, my intention is to empower and guide you, along with your birth partner, towards an informed, calm and engaged pregnancy and birthing experience. Passionate and continuously curious about my work, I strive to educate and motivate couples during their journey into childbirth and guide women to a deeper connection and understanding of her birthing body. It is a  humbling opportunity to be witness to the moment when each and every woman begins to tap into her personal, unique and innate ability to give birth and trust her body as her most intimate teacher.  With the help of her birth partner, women can easily learn to apply the HypnoBirthing® relaxation, visualisation and mindfulness techniques with confidence during childbirth which will create a more joyful and positive birthing experience!


I believe every woman has the right to choose and be informed of all her options when it comes to childbirth and to surround herself with health care practitioners that fully support and align with her birth preferences and values. If you are interested in connecting on a deeper level to your birthing body and participating in the birthing process, then HypnoBirthing® childbirth classes are for you.


“trust and follow the harmony within you and be guided by your birthing body”


When I’m not teaching, I love to take in the simple things of life, especially exploring neighbourhoods on two wheels, weekend getaways and enjoying quiet moments in the city and in nature.

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Allison Thompson




Allison Thompson

Group classes taught at 2 locations:

YogaMamas 1402 Queen St. East (Queen St and Greenwood) AND Evymama 1345 St. Clair Ave W. (St. Clair Ave W. and Lansdowne Ave)

(416) 686-3809





Allison is a certified HypnoBirthing practitioner, hypnotist and mama. She has three children who have taught her the importance of patience, presence and kindness. Having been a young single mother and an older married mother, she brings a wide array of experiences to her classes. She believes that giving birth can be a joyful experience and has a passion for empowering families to experience birth with love and peacefulness. She is committed to personal growth and practices Qi Gong and meditation to expand her compassion for herself and others.

A researcher and analyst at heart, she never tires of learning about birth and is continually reading about evidence based practices while being firmly rooted in the philosophy that birth is a normal, human experience rather than a medical event. She believes that the best possible births occur when medical expertise is brought together with a deep respect for our bodies and our innate birthing wisdom. Birth is an aspect of our sexuality and as such, should be treated with love, respect, compassion and consent.

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Karen McWilliam







Karen McWilliam, B.A., CD(DONA), HBCE, BFWM, CYT

Transitionings: prenatal & postpartum support

Offering classes from two locations: Toronto and Burlington

Embrace Yoga & Health, 360 Dufferin Street, Suite 101 (Dufferin and Queen St. W)


The WOMB, 560 Brant St., Burlington (Brant St. and Caroline St.)


Email: karen@transitionings.ca

Web: www.transitionings.ca


The birth of my daughter inspired me to journey into the world of childbirth education, and labour, post-partum and breastfeeding support.

My entire body of work is focused around prenatal and postpartum care. I received my birth doula certification from DONA International and have attended well over 100 births in a variety of settings. I am also a postpartum doula, childbirth educator, breastfeeding consultant, certified HypnoBirth © (Mongan method) practitioner, a Birthing From Within Mentor, a certified prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher and mother of two amazing children. My greatest teachers and source of all that is light and precious are my two children, Aislin and Gabriel. Thank you for choosing me to come through into being. I also wish to acknowledge and thank all of the women, partners and babies who continue to inspire me in my work. I am truly blessed and thankful for finding my passion and love for this work.

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Jennifer Elliott

Jennifer Elliott B.Ed, HBCE, CH

Life’s Journey

Toronto, 159 Withrow Ave. (Danforth and Broadview)




About Jennifer:

Jennifer shares her passion and humour in her HypnoBirthing classes, guiding women and couples to find the best in themselves in order to create the best possible birth for themselves and their baby.

She offers HypnoBirthing classes in her home in Riverdale.
Jennifer is a HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator and a member of the HypnoBirthing Faculty, training new instructors. Jennifer is also a hypnosis practitioner, helping women release unwanted beliefs, habits and emotions. As a Pre and Perinatal Educator, certified by the Association of Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPAH) she advocates for the baby by encouraging parents to consider the baby’s experience while still in the womb.
Jennifer is blessed with a loving husband and two fascinating adult children.
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Eloisa Slimmon-Weber

Eloisa Slimmon-Weber

Liberty Movement Studio/Shanti Mama Doulas

Liberty Movement & Wellness, 983 Dovercourt Road. Unit #2 (Dovercourt Rd and Dupont St)

Phone: 416 879 0711

Web: www.libertymovement.ca

Email: info@libertymovement.ca

I fell in love with the art of movement while studying acting, modern dance and physical theatre at George Brown Theatre School. This subsequently led to my personal Pilates training with Rikki Richter, director of Mind the Body studio, who taught me that how we move plays an integral part in our lives.

For over a decade I’ve been actively practicing Pilates and Yoga. My Pilates training and Certification was through the Physical Mind Institute, under the tutelage of Suan Grescovish at Body Harmonics. I deepened my Yoga practice by interning with Diane Bruni and Ron Reid at Downward Dog Studio, then became a certified Yoga Instructor with Susie Dias at East to West Yoga Studio. During my first pregnancy in 2005 I studied with Skylar Hill -Jackson, founder of Baby & Me Fitness who encouraged me to do my Pre and Post natal Fitness certifications.

Interested in coaching and preparing women for birth in 2008 I certified to become a Doula or labour coach. This Year I gave birth to my second child in May and have the joy of being a Mom for a second time! My first son Hayden is now five years old and my newborn is 4.5 months old.

My Yoga & Pilates studies and certifications led me to teach group classes for various corporate clients such as the Royal Canadian Yacht Club, Kraft Canada, Baby & Me Fitness, St Joseph’s Hospital, The Toronto District School Board and Sony Records, as well as a roster of personal clientele, including Governor General Award-winner Ronnie Burkett.

I continue to deepen my practice and my knowledge of Yoga and Pilates studying new forms of bodywork and movement, while teaching and sharing my love of the practice with others. People who take a proactive role in their well being go through a profound transformation. My wish is to provide students with more than a stretch class, but an opportunity to play, explore, discover and connect with themselves at the deepest level.

As the the director of Liberty Movement Studio Yoga and Pilates, I have had the opportunity to serve the Liberty Village community for the past 5 years. We are a grass roots studio that teaches and offers a variety of different Yoga and Pilates classes in small group sizes. We also specialize in IVF, Pre and Post natal classes. We are very excited to be moving Liberty Movement Studio to Balance Integrated Healthcare and joining a wonderful group of holistic practioners.

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Doula information:
I came across HypnoBirthing when first working as a Doula. I poo-pooed it initially because I thought it was new agey b.s., but after attending the births of moms who were using HypnoBirthing®, I was amazed at how calm these moms were throughout their entire births, regardless of the situations that arose – no hysterics, no screaming, just completely relaxed and happy.
That was very different than my own experience had been. I had had a horrible birth with my first son Hayden: 72 hours in all – induction with Pitocin and no epidural for 12 hours, finally dilated completely after another 24 hours, pushing for 3 hours and the wow finish – ending with an emergency C-section. I was then separated from my poor newborn son who had to stay in NICU three days and have several rounds of antibiotics for 10 days “just in case there was a risk of infection” (which there was not). It was incredibly difficult.
My experience with my first birth totally changed the way I viewed birth. I felt terribly guilty, emotionally and physically scarred by the way Hayden had come into this world. I kept thinking “there must be a better way to birth?!”
I became an absolute birth nerd and started to avidly seek out any and all literature on birthing and natural family living. When Hayden was 6 months old, I studied to become a birth educator and doula and volunteered to be at many births. I also opened a Yoga and Pilates studio that practiced natural Family living, taught birth education, pre & post natal Yoga and Pilates as well as regular adult classes.
When I found I was pregnant with my second child 4 years later, I decided to have an all-natural birth – no Pitocin drip, no epidural, no Hospital. I enlisted a Doula mentor of mine, went with the most pro natural birth midwives in the city’s east end and went to HypnoBirthing® classes with my partner. This time it was going to be different.
The HypnoBirthing® course , which ran over 5 weeks, was taught by a Doula and HypnoBirthing® practitioner and was a turning point for my husband and I. We felt completely enlightened and empowered by what we learned, the videos we watched, and it helped us to bond enormously. We could do this, and enjoy it as a team.
When my second son, Lleolyn, came into this world I can honestly say that the journey of his birth was one of the most beautiful, joyful and life changing experiences I’ve had. At no point was I scared or in unbearable pain.
Birthing Lleolyn was one of the best days of my life ever and I’d do it again, today, right now. I gave birth to him on the floor of my old Yoga studio with no ripping or tearing – total labour was 6 hours, with 45 minutes of pushing. And did I mention, he was 10 pounds? It was AWESOME!!!!
Having had this experience, I had a need to share this with other women and help them birth joyously. I became a hypnobirthing teacher, and had qualified by the time of my son’s first birthday. I’ve been hosting HypnoBirthing® classes inToronto ‘s west end at my studio; Liberty Movement & Wellness, working with Moms and their birth companions for the past 5 years. I cannot think of a job I’d rather be doing. I love my work and passionate about what I do and am proud to be making a difference to the way we approach birth in our fair Toronto!


Dr. EeVon Ling ND

Dr. EeVon Ling ND CH HBCE

10 Roden Place (Yonge and Davenport)

416 540-8108



*** UPDATE: Due to COVID-19 all classes are taught via live video until further notice and government recommendations ***

I am a Naturopathic Doctor*, certified hypnotherapist, certified HypnoBirthing practitioner, doula and HypnoBirthing mom!

Choosing HypnoBirthing to help me birth both my daughters (2 years apart) was the best decision I ever made. Together with my husband, we were able to have the natural home waterbirth that we had envisioned (times 2!). Even our midwives remarked on how lovely our births went! Based on my experiences I became a HypnoBirthing practitioner myself and I’ve been teaching HypnoBirthing for 9 years and attending births as a doula for 6 years. I love what I do and I love seeing moms embrace the strength they have within themselves.

*Your HypnoBirthing classes may be covered under your employee insurance. Please inquire for further details on requirements.

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