HypnoBirthing Testimonials

What HypnoBirthing Parents Are Saying:
“What a relief to find that when you release fear, go into your body and work with the sensations, labour is quite manageable.”

“I always thought (that) like my mother, I would require a c-section. I am so proud and grateful that I was able to experience a natural birth. I attribute a big part of that to the HypnoBirthing techniques.”

“It truly was a great experience and I would do it all over again. I recommend HypnoBirthing to all my friends.”

“He was born at 1:03 PM and I was still waiting for labour to begin. HypnoBirthing – IT WORKS!”

“I am blessed to not only have a beautiful baby girl, but also to have had a beautiful birthing experience.”

“It was 6 hours from start to finish, something that left us all surprised and convinced the midwives that HypnoBirthing really works to make the birth go smoothly.”

“ I am still in awe. I gave birth in water at home and so fast…I still feel I’m in dreamland.”