June 1 — From Womb to World Workshop: Conception, Pregnancy and Birth The Journey that Shapes our Life, 304 Brunswick Ave

Conception, Pregnancy and Birth
The Journey that Shapes our Life

with Anna Verwaal, RN, CLE, Primal Period Educator, Doula Instructor, Birth Consultant

Saturday, June 1, 9 Am – 5 Pm
Kula Yoga
304 Brunswick Ave, Toronto
$125 until May 15 ($135 after)
 The participants in this workshop will learn how conception, the time in the womb and the birth experience become the blueprint for the rest of our lives, physically, emotionally, and psychologically. It will not only give tremendous insights on a personal level, but also teach how to use this information in a professional practice and how to give babies an optimum start in life.

Workshop Topics: 
  • Epigenetics and cellular memory of the conception, womb and birth experience
  • Emotional, physical & medical events that affect the fetus later in life
  • The effects prenatal and birth experiences can have on fertility, pregnancy, labor and giving birth
  • How conception, prenatal and birth experiences and methods shape our beliefs and appear in our lives (i.e. adoption, twins, induction vacuum, C/S, premature birth, etc.)
  • Helping ourselves and clients understand and heal from birth related beliefs and imprints
  • How to prepare for a conscious pregnancy and birth experience as a care-provider or parent
Register online: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/ASP/home.asp?studioid=5356

Or call 416-922-5852
Continuing Education Unites (CEU’s) for professionals: 

Workshop is accredited for 7 CEU’s by DONA teh HypnoBirthing Institute will give you 7 hours as well.


“What a brilliant life altering presentation! It takes you to a whole new level of how babies (and we ourselves!) experienced our journey getting here and what can be done to heal from this experience or prevent it from happening to the next generation!”
– Paul, Chiropractor, soon to be dad!

“Amazing workshop, now I know there is so much more I can do as a doula prenatally, to help improve my clients’ birth experience! Thank you so much!” – Karen B, Doula