Lynda Balena






Lynda Balena, certified HypnoBirthing ® (the Mongan Method), Practitioner/Childbirth Educator, Labour Support.

Offering HypnoBirthing prenatal classes in York Region (Located in Keswick, Ontario). Please contact for exact location.

Phone: 905-722-8586 OR 905-715-5992



Lynda has been working with birthing families for 30 years throughout South/Mid Ontario & Texas.  She is most honoured to have been part of hundreds of families’ Life Miracles, many families happily returning. Practicing mostly within York Region, Lynda is empowering families’ birth knowledge either privately or within a class environment. The knowledge acquired from her expertise will serve graduates throughout their lives.

Lynda teaches HypnoBirthing ® diligently working at fulfilling their founder, Mickey Mongan’s dream, “Every woman everywhere will know the joy of truly safe, comfortable and satisfying birthing for herself and her baby.”  Lynda truly considers this her labour of love.

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