Register for Your Online HypnoBirthing Prenatal Education Classes

The pandemic has been ongoing for the past year and we at HBGTA have witnessed how this has affected pregnancy families. Pregnancy care and access to services and resources have been reduced. Many of us here are HBGTA are also doulas and have noticed an increase in intervention use and decrease in birth experience satisfaction. This is why is it even more important now to choose a prenatal education program that will help you and your partner fully prepare for childbirth. You will learn relaxation techniques to help you keep calm and confident during labour and childbirth. Your partner will learn ways to fully support you (because additional support people are not allowed back in hospitals). You will learn how to advocate for yourself so you can have a positive birth experience. Many of our new parents report using their HypnoBirthing skills to help them keep calm with new baby.

Our HypnoBirthing practitioners have fully adapted their classes to online learning in a way that is still interactive and engaging. We have received positive births stories from our HypnoBirthing families throughout the pandemic. Get started on your positive journey to birth! Check the class calendar and choose a class that starts when you are around 30-32 weeks pregant or earlier. We look forward to seeing you in class!