Silvana Tsanis

Silvana Tsanis

Silvana Tsanis

Location:  East York, Toronto. Laird Dr. and Eglinton Ave.— Please contact for specific location


Small Intimate Classes.

Private Classes.  Flexibility.

Silvana’s love of how the subconscious mind works attracted her to the Ontario Hypnosis Centre (OHC) where she obtained her Masters in Hypnosis.  Her love of children inspired her to find a way to bring children into the world naturally, returning the sacredness of birth.  She was blessed and honoured to take her HypnoBirthing training with the founder of the program, Marie Mongan.  It was a moment that changed her life.  It inspired her to provide more offerings to help women and families in as many ways possible.  She followed up with her certification as a HypnoBirthing Fertility, and HypnoMotheringTM practitioner.  

Silvana is your personal tool kit for life.  She is your trusted ally and everyday resource to help you transition and adjust to life changes. 

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