Frequently Asked Questions

1) What will I learn in the HypnoBirthing classes?

The full class outline is here:

2) How many weeks are the classes?

The full program is five weekly classes of 2.5 hours each.

3) When should I start the classes?

Because you baby could arrive anytime after 37 weeks (full term), it is recommended that you start the classes when you are 32 weeks pregnant or earlier so that you will finish the classes in time.

Some mothers like to start the classes much earlier so that they have a lot of time to practice and benefit from the relaxation exercises. Some mothers prefer to start the classes later so that the information is fresh in their minds.

4) Can my husband/spouse/partner/ friend attend the classes?

Your chosen birthing companion is welcomed and encouraged to join you during each class. The program includes exercises for the birth companions to help relax the mother as well as guidelines on how to best support the mother during labour and birth. Alternatively, some mothers don’t have a partner, and that is fine too!

5) Do I need to take an additional prenatal class from my hospital/ midwife clinic/ doctor’s office?

The HypnoBirthing Childbirth Preparation classes are designed to provide (along with the HypnoBirthing techniques and exercises) comprehensive information regarding labour and birth, with discussion on what to generally expect with hospital and home births as well as brief discussion on breastfeeding and after care for the mother.  Many parents who take the HypnoBirthing classes don’t take any other additional prenatal classes.  The HypnoBirthing class outline  is here for your reference:

6) Do I need previous experience with hypnosis or meditation? What if I’m not good at relaxing? 

No previous experience with hypnosis or meditation is required. You don’t have to be good at quieting your mind or be “good at relaxing”. In fact, many mothers seek out HypnoBirthing because they may struggle with relaxation, anxieties and fears.  By the end of the program, many mothers comment that HypnoBirthing has helped them become more relaxed and less anxious and more confident about their baby’s birthing day.

7) Does it matter if I have an midwife or OB? Does it matter if I plan to give birth at home or in the hospital?

HypnoBirthing is useful for any birthing situation. Each HypnoBirthing practitioner has received positive birth stories or attended wonderful births at home and hospital, with midwives and OBs.  Regardless of how your birthing unfolds, the techniques and exercises taught in your HypnoBirthing classes will be useful and beneficial for you and your baby.